What Is a Home Inspection & Why Do I Need One? 

Home inspections are a crucial tool for buyers when it comes to making one of their biggest investments and is  the most substantial contingency that a buyer possesses once they’re under contract. The main reason to hire a home inspector is to identify defects within specific accessible areas of a home. If issues go unnoticed before the sale goes through, you might pay thousands of dollars to fix them later.

What's Included In My Home Inspection?
Our inspections, as all inspections in Arizona are required to follow the Arizona standards. This covers structure, foundation, exterior, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, interior, roof, insulation, ventilation, stairways, fireplaces, attics. However, at Copper Dwelling we understand that while these components are essential to a home inspection, there's a much more extensive list of items in a home that could contain defects. For this reason, our inspections exceed these standards.
In addition we can conduct pool/spa inspections, termite inspections, we can also do lead paint/asbestos sample testing

​​​Why Should I Choose Copper Dwelling As My Home Inspector?
Copper Dwelling Property Inspections is a family owned and operated company. Tom and Ashley have over 35 years of combined inspection and construction background! They are knowledgable about a home's workings from the inside out. 

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